Youth for Christ Program
Rules of Conduct

Students are required to comply with rules set by the administration.


• Students are responsible to maintain their residence house organized and clean.

• Personal belongings must be organized and put away when not in use.

• Students are accountable for every complaint from neighbors.

• Events can only be organized by students with prior permission from the house leader.

• Students must spend the night in the home allotted for their residence.

– Students may spend a night elsewhere only with the permission of the house leader.


• Unless otherwise noted, school campus and church dress code: business casual or formal

– Male Students:

º are not permitted to wear: hats, shorts, jeans, sweat pants, hoodies

º should be neatly dressed with their shirts tucked

– Female Students:

º are not allowed to wear: pants, mini-skirts, skirts with high slits, blouses with a deep neckline, hoodies

º manicures and/or pedicures can only be in natural colors

• Students are not allowed to wear (including on-site of residence): earrings, chains and extravagant decorations/accessories

• Unusual hairstyles and hair colors are prohibited.

• Regardless of the place and case, students should always look neat, in accordance with Christian ethics.


• Violation of rules or orders will result in disciplinary actions.

• Serious violation or repeated minor violation will result in written warning.

• Students will be terminated if serious (or repeated minor) violation occurs after the written warning.

• In the case of major violation of Christian morals, administration reserves the right to terminate such student without a warning:

– use of physical force, sexual immorality, theft, consumption of drugs or alcohol, etc.

• If a student drops out of the program on personal initiative, or is terminated as a result of disciplinary action, school fees will not be refunded.

• School administration reserves the right to contact parents or church leaders at any time.

• In the event of any misconduct, administration reserves the right to refuse such to participate in the missionary trip.


• Students must not disrupt discipline established by the teacher or other school authority.

• Students are required to be punctual in all school related activities.

• Forbidden behavior:

– leaving the class during lecture without the teacher’s permission

– talking to other students during lectures

– sleeping during organized school activities

– eating (except for a small snack) or chewing gum during class

– students can not leave school property without prior approval of the consultant (not teacher)


• Students must respect opinions, beliefs and traditions of other students.

• Forbidden behavior:

– vulgar words and expressions

– fights and the use of physical force in settling disputes

– theft

• It is forbidden for students of the opposite sex to:

– hug each other or have other physical contact except for a hand shake

– have dates during the course of study

– flirt, text and engage in intimate conversations


• Students of "Youth for Christ" program can not possess telephone, tablet, laptop or other Internet enabled device during the course of study.

• Students must conform to the established daily schedule.

• Students are not allowed to listen to non-Christian music and watch movies that don't comply with Christian moral standards.

• Students have full responsibility for the safety of school materials and equipment.

– Students are financially responsible for the damage of school equipment.

• Great Commission Missionary School is not financially responsible for:

– medical fees and expenses of the students during their course of study (in the event of illness, injury or car accident)

– lost, stolen or damaged personal property

• Reckless/illegal driving of a vehicle is prohibited.

• Energy drinks are not allowed anywhere on school property, and are prohibited during the course of study.

• School staff have the right to check student's personal belongings without prior notice at any time.

• Students can be requested a drug or tobacco test if school staff finds it necessary.

• Students with prior drug addiction or other serious offenses may be subject to additional rules.

• Rules are subject to change.

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