Youth for Christ Program
Living Conditions

There are two residences where students live, one for the sisters and one for the brothers.


Brothers Residence

Two acre property with one < 3800 sq.ft. house.


Sisters Residence (see on the right)

Sisters live in one large, two story, 10 bedroom, 5 bathroom home.

See image on right side.


In each house, where students live, the rooms are equipped with bunk beds; students share space with their classmates. Each student has an assigned bed and a closet space for their personal belongings. Breakfast and dinner are organized at each respective house for brothers and sisters, while lunch is served at the school.

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At Great Commission Missionary School we help students grow in their understanding of scripture, equip them for ministry and inspire them to be soldiers of God.  But most importantly, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and the Great Commission. We have various programs for different age groups where we share our vision to "Love God and people the way Jesus did."

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