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Special Accommodations

At Great Commission Missionary School our goal is to create an atmosphere for every student to be successful. We make every effort in meeting our students’ needs and providing them with necessary accommodations. We want to prevent issues that could possibly get in the way of our students’ progress and growth in the school. For us to achieve this, we ask that all students disclose the following information during their admission process and prior to their arrival:


• serious health issues (physical or mental)

• all prescribed medication

• prior or current issues with drugs

• probation, or other serious conditions with authorities

• relationships (engagement, marital status, etc)

• or anything else that may create a need for special accommodation by the school administration


Please note that above issues do not result in students automatic disqualification, but deliberate failure to disclose important information can result in student's termination after enrollment at which point student will not be eligible for a refund.

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At Great Commission Missionary School we help students grow in their understanding of scripture, equip them for ministry and inspire them to be soldiers of God.  But most importantly, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and the Great Commission. We have various programs for different age groups where we share our vision to "Love God and people the way Jesus did."

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