Great Commission Program
Program Overview

Classes, projects, extracurricular activities and the environment are carefully chosen and developed to grow and prepare every student for their future ministry.


Students spend a large part of the day in a classroom environment. They learn theology and are introduced to practical tools for their future ministry. Below is a description of each class.

Morning prayer

Every morning starts with prayer. This is one of the most significant parts of the program, and for many students the highlight of their time at the school. This time is set aside to cultivate ones relationship with God and be filled with the Spirit.

Evangelical Projects

Each student participates in one of several evangelical projects. Here students learn to minister to people outside of church.

Extracurricular Activities

Students participate in a range of other activates that are not described above. Students visit churches, participate in small ministry projects, read the bible, play sports, have time to relax and much more.

Missionary Trip

During the course of the study students will participate in a short term (one week) trip to Mexico. Upon graduation students will be sent to a medium term (4-6 month) missionary trip to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Long term (6 months or more) trips are not part of the program, but opportunity exists for students that want to do more for the Kingdom.

To help students be successful, students receive personal coaching, encouragement and help from staff members. There are dedicated people, consultants, that live, go to school and continually spend time with the students. Their primary function is to help students be successful.




The study of God's nature, attributes, His character and deeds.



The study of the Bible. This course reveals the nature of the Bible, its divisions, authority and inspiration.



The study of man from a biblical point of view. This course reveals the creation in the image of God, his special mission, and the fall.



The study of sin. This course explores the origin and the problem of sin.



The study of the personality and work of Jesus Christ.



The study of Salvation. This course covers election, atonement, faith, repentance, justification, regeneration, adoption, sanctification and assurance of salvation.



The study of the Holy Spirit. This course reveals the Personality, Deity and Names of the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit in the Old Testament, in the life of Jesus Christ and in the Christian life; advantages of the Holy Spirit; Fruit of the Holy Spirit; baptism of the Holy Spirit; gifts of the Spirit; grieving the Holy Spirit.



The study of the nature and organization of the Christian Church. The branch of theology that is concerned with the nature, constitution, and functions of a church.



The study of angels. This course looks at the existence, number and nature of angels, the council, ranks and purpose of angels.




The art of preparing and delivering sermons; The course provides a general overview of homiletics, covers the issues regarding what a sermon is at the present moment, as well as what role the personality of the preacher plays in the report of God's Word to the listeners.


History of Missions Movement

The study of the church’s mission especially with respect to the nature, purpose, and methods of its missionary activity.




Kids Ministry


Successful Ministry


Victory Over Temptations


Pastoral Theology

This course looks at the characteristics of pastoral ministry, the calling of a pastor, a God-pleasing life, the goal of pastoral ministry, a pastor's duty, selfless service of the pastor, and the pastor’s self-education.



The branch of theology concerned with the defense or proof of Christianity. The course includes why do people believe what they believe, the beginning of the universe, origin of life, evolution, whether it's possible to believe the Bible, whether really Christ is Risen, and other complex issues. Religions & Cults.




Overview of the Gospels


Overview of  the Book of Acts

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At Great Commission Missionary School we help students grow in their understanding of scripture, equip them for ministry and inspire them to be soldiers of God.  But most importantly, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and the Great Commission. We have various programs for different age groups where we share our vision to "Love God and people the way Jesus did."

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