Great Commission Program


  Tuition payment for Spring-2020 semester will be $2,925 (if all paid in full, not monthly). Payment covers:

  • Tuition: students will have four hours of lectures five days a week.
  • Workshops: In the last week of the course, students will participate in one week workshop that is designed to prepare students for their missionary trip. Students will be trained in First Aid, Project Planning, Time management, Conflict Resolution, Foreign Travel, etc.
  • Housing and Food: Students will have a place to live and three meals a day provided by the school.
  • Transportation: School will provide transportation to school and church. (Students can have a personal car if they have a valid driver's license)
  • Tuition Payment does not cover educational materials,  Mexico Trip, snacks, clothing, health and personal expenses.


Option 1: Full payment of $2,925. (this option is $100 cheaper then Option 2)

  • Due upon arrival.

Option 2: Four monthly payments of $760

  • Due dates: To be posted (Spring 2020)


Students cannot move into the school residence until their first payment is received and processed. $50 late fee will be applied to payments that are submitted late. If payment is more then 25 days late, student will receive a warning letter. Students that are late more then 30 days can not continue as a student, until all fees are paid  in full.




Great Commission program includes a short missionary trip to Mexico. This trip is mandatory unless students are unable to participate for reasons outside of their control.


Cost: $390

Payment Due: Payment for the trip is due before the trip.


We try to make our missionary school as affordable as possible. For students who can't afford to study at our branch in USA, we propose our branch in Ukraine. Total cost of the school in Ukraine is only $800 ($200 per month). Due to lower operating costs, payment is significantly lower for the branch in Ukraine. Both branches have the same program and  offer high quality experience for our students.



Payments should be made in the form of a check or money order to:

Great Commission Missionary School


Check or money order can be mailed to:

Great Commission Missionary School

Attn (Accounting)

PO Box 138

Gresham, OR 97030


Payments can also be delivered directly to school (at the above address) and placed into the "Payment Box" (with name clearly spelled on the envelope).

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At Great Commission Missionary School we help students grow in their understanding of scripture, equip them for ministry and inspire them to be soldiers of God.  But most importantly, we focus on a personal relationship with Christ and the Great Commission. We have various programs for different age groups where we share our vision to "Love God and people the way Jesus did."

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